The Nordic Report 03

The Nordic Report 03, the third and final report, gathers some of the most prominent and sharpest Nordic voices within the Agenda 2030 UN Global Goal 12 – Sustainable Production and Consumption. 

Based on the earlier reports, that was highlighting good examples from the Nordic region, The Nordic Report 03 takes a closer look at sustainable production and consumption and provides a deeper insight and understanding. Twelve in-depth phenomenas, including the paradigm shift from linear to circular economy, a waste-free society and the future of transports and food, are being discussed and reflected upon. 

The Nordic Report 03 aims to be an eye-opener in order to influence domestic and international policy making. It intends to reflect around the complexity of this area by providing a space for discussion and varied perspectives with the ambition to inspire and call on readers to take action.  

The Nordic Report 03 is produced by SUSTAINORDIC, a network with the aim to position the Nordic countries internationally and stimulate the development of national policies within the field of sustainable production and consumption. 


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