Ett tak två generationer

Sweden has the largest number of single-person households in the world. At the same time, there is an urgent need for residential units, not least secure student accommodation at a reasonable price. This is an unsustainable situation that results in loneliness and stress, among other problems. Building our way out of the housing shortage costs money and takes time, so why not lower the thresholds and make use of the spaces in our existing residential units?

Ett tak två generationer – One roof, two generations – is a new type of residential housing service for those looking for shared accommodation with security and well-being in focus. This is a digital matching service developed together with and primarily for seniors (55+) who have spare spaces in their homes, and students (18+) needing accommodation at their place of study. With a simple package solution, we match tenant/landlord based on wishes and needs, arrange an initial meeting and prepare a proper rental contract. Rent and deposit are processed via our payment solution. A win-win situation arises in encounters across generational boundaries.

Founders Ann Edberg & Anna Söderberg met on a master’s degree course at Openlab, where they studied methods and tools for innovators facing the challenges of a growing city. Their varied educational backgrounds and experiences complemented one another, adding dimensions and contributing to better solutions. Based on a common set of values, their aim is to work professionally with social sustainability and resource-effective solutions.

Their solution is also in demand among experienced landlords. User-friendly digital solutions for inexperienced users improve the experience for all users.

Country: SE

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