Borregaard has developed a world-class biorefinery. The company’s products are alternatives to oil-basedproducts, allowing it to overcome long-term global challenges associated with population growth, access to resources, and environmental and climate impact. 

By using the various components of wood, Borregaard produces lignin products, speciality cellulose, vanillin and bioethanol for a variety of applications in sectors such as agriculture and fisheries, constructions, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, foodstuff, batteries and biofuels.

In collaboration with Østfoldforskning, Borregaard has conducted a life cycle analysis to map the climate impact of some of its products. Borregaard’s products stand out very well against competitive alternatives based on fossil raw materials. Examples of this include vanillin and fuel. Borregaard’s wood-based vanillin has more than 90 per cent lower CO2 emissions associated with the product, compared with oil- based vanillin, while Borregaard´s  wood-based bioethanol has 85 per cent lower CO2 emissions in its production and use phase when compared with diesel fuel. 

With around 100 employees in innovation and research as well as an annual investment in innovation of approx. NOK 250 million, Borregaard is a world leader in innovation. With 1,100 employees in a total of 16 countries, the company sells its products in all parts of the world.

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