We Do Wood is based on the vision that new Danish design and strict sustainability principles should go hand in hand. 

At We Do Wood, we have made it our goal to always seek the better alternative. When we can use formaldehyde-free glue, that’s what we choose to do. When we can choose water-based paint or even avoid paint altogether by implementing other techniques such as carbonisation and oxidatoion, then we make the extra effort to do that. And when bamboo outperforms any wood material in every sustainability parameter we can think of, there really is no better choice in our minds. 

The management team and co-owners behind We Do Wood are Designer Sebastian Jørgensen, Sales Director Klaus Jørgensen and CEO Anders Holme Jensen. As a team, we are committed to raising the bar on all sustainability parameters we work with. That is why we only source materials from FSC certified suppliers. And in close partnership with our manufacturing parters, we optimize the use of raw materials to ensure nothing goes to waste.

All We Do Wood products are both designed and manufactured in Denmark. We have decided to keepboth the design and production processes in Denmark in order to build on the Danish design heritage and ensure a high product quality. We believe that the Danish and Nordic design tradition, which is deeply rooted in simple and functional furniture design, is more relevant than ever. However, we allow ourselves to rethink and reapply the design elements that make Danish design applicable in 2018.

The possibilities are endless and we hope you will join us in seeking the better alternative. 

Country: DK 

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