The GrowHub

At Clarion Hotel The Hub in central Oslo the hotel roof is used for vegetable cultivation, for the enjoyment of guests of the hotel restaurant and bar. This is a project in collaboration with Bybonden ( When the hotel opens on 1 March 2019 they will be growing more than 30 different herbs, edible flowers and vegetables, and some 10,000 units will be produced seasonally. Products will range from basil and ruccola lettuce to such plants as wild celery, which has long, cultural and historical roots in Norway. We have also invited local residents to donate cuttings of a plant that has meant a lot to them personally. In that way we can foster local cultural traditions on the roof of the GrowHuB.

We use rain water for watering and fertilise with a compost derived from food scraps from the hotel. The plants don’t need plastic packaging and transport so there’s no wastage during delivery and storage. Guests can enjoy a unique experience thanks to the immediate origin of the food they eat and this approach will encourage greater respect for everything that is to be served at the table.

Our aim is to give our guests a memorable experience while at the same time caring for the world and the environment around us. With GrowHub we test a brand new method, fully sustainable and economic, for serving food in the city. We hope more people will follow suit. The roofs of the future will be green. Let us make them edible too!

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