The Danish Nudging Network (DNN)

The Danish Nudging Network (DNN) is a network of researchers, enterprises, organisations and politicians. DNN wants to build interest in nudging in the political process, but also encourages discussion on pitfalls in the approach to changing behaviour. How do you ensure ethical responsibility when the aim is to change people’s behaviour?

DNN is located at Roskilde University and has strong ties to the European Nudging Network (TEN). The Nudgeaton is an event held twice per year, where members of the network can have problems worked through. 20 communications students at Roskilde University will be working on these problems over an entire semester. Former students have, among other things, created the well-known footprints leading to Copenhagen waste bins. The students have also streamlined the reception at Rigshospitalet and solved a conflict with incorrectly parked bicycles that were in the way. Using bright orange tape, they created five areas where cyclists are allowed to park, with associated posters to explain their function. This led to a clear improvement.

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