Sulapac was founded by Dr. Suvi Haimi and Dr. Laura Kyllönen in 2016, and its mission is to save the worldfrom plastic waste. Suvi and Laura are both PhD candidate biochemists specialized in biomaterials. Thegoal of Sulapac is to become the leading sustainable material replacing plastic. 

Sulapac has made two significant innovations. The first is fully biodegradable and microplastic-freematerial which is produced using renewable raw materials. It can be utilized as packaging material in cosmetics, food industry, and giftware. The carbon footprint of Sulapac products is small, and the material is also well suited for many other purposes in several different industries. The patented material contains wood and natural binders and can be recycled as industrial compost. 

The second important innovation relates to the materials manufacturing. Manufacturers of plastic canutilieze the Sulapac material in their current production lines, for example injection moulding, without needing to invest in new equipment. Sulapac applications are available in a portfolio specialized in packing products, including various packaging sizes for jewellery and for oil, and water-based cosmetics. The Sulapac technology and materials are also available on license for a wide variety of applications.


Country: FI


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