Just as within the food sector, there is an ever growing interest in having the things around us locally produced. On the platform for contemporary production and consumption, know as SPOK, knowledge about lokal manufacturing opportunities in Skåne, in everything from crafts to industry, is gathered and disseminated. SPOK aims to contribute to strengthening local and small-scale production as part of long-term sustainable development. 

Many people think that manufacturing in Sweden is long gone. On the contrary, it is more vibrant today than it has been for a long time. However, the manufacturers can at times be both difficult to find and to contact. 

SPOK highlights the manufacturing opportunities available in Skåne and lists local manufacturers on it’s homepage. This way, designers, architects and others within the design industry will find it easier to be able to manufacture products closer to the consumer. This form of cooperation is relatively new, and SPOK sees a knowledge gap that needs to be closed. That’s why we are in the business of transferring knowledge in the form of various seminars, events and projects within the field. One example is “SPOK souvenirs” (see image), which consists of ten locally designed and produced contemporary and sustainable souvenirs. 

 Designer Jenny Nordberg is the founder and creative manager for SPOK. The project is implemented with support from the City of Malmö, the County Administrative Board of Skåne and Region Skåne and is currently operated from the Form/Design Centre in Malmö, which is the principal organizer. Anna Gudmunsdottir is the project manager 

SPOK is a living platform that is constantly being shaped and expanded. 

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