Space 10

The IKEA vision of “creating a better everyday life for the many people” goes beyond the present and explores future living circumstances—not only what lies directly ahead of us, but also in the distant future.

SPACE10—the IKEA-funded “future-living lab” based in Copenhagen—helps to identify emerging trends and design innovative responses to some of the bigger changes expected to affect societies in the coming years.

SPACE10 aims to address the way we will live in the future by exploring everything from rapid urbanisation and the scarcity of natural resources, to loneliness in cities, food security and the lack of affordable housing, as well as how technological breakthroughs such as mixed reality, artificial intelligence and digital fabrication tools can empower people in completely new ways.

A team of 25 is attempting to tackle these global challenges from their headquarters; home not only to workspaces, a vertical farm, a “fab lab”, and a kitchen manned by a chef and food designer, but also to an event space for hosting exhibitions, talks, workshops and screenings.

Country: DK

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