Re:textile is a research project within Smart Textiles. Re:textile develops new design principles, business models and production systems that make circular flows in the textile industry possible. By means of designing garments right from the initial stage on the basis that they should be able to be stored, reworked and updated, new business areas are created within repair, re-design and other services that prolong the life of the garments and generate economic growth.

The recent cooperation with the Cheap Monday fashion company is a successful example of discarded clothing from Berendsen having been re-designed. The cooperation resulted in an up-cycled collection that is currently sold in selected stores. The collection caught the attention of both national and international media. Re:textile’s research and pilot project show that a sustainable and circular system requires a great deal of innovation and radical change. Design will be the key factor, based both on how sustainable product ranges are attractive to the consumer and on how the value chain will be optimised to support circular flows.

The vision for Re:textile is to transform consumer culture and create a basis for policy work in order to promote circular flows and implement more and better circular pilot projects in new configurations.

The project is financed by the Västra Götaland Region, the Borås Region – Sjuhärad’s Municipal Association and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. It operates in cooperation with major trademarks, organisation and other interests.

Country: SE

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