Meet RePack, a recyclabel and reusable packaging that brings circular-economy into the world of E-commerce.

Remember visiting a post office, seeing the hundreds of packages going to shoppers? To be used once and then thrown away. Surely shoppers and brands would prefer a recyclable package for transporting online purchases – especially if it made economic sense.

RePacks concept is simple. Brands that sell their products online can present shoppers with the RePack packaging option on checkout, usually with an incentive attached. Once the consumer has received and unpacked their purchase, they drop the packaging into a post box. It’s returned to RePack free of charge. When RePack receives it, the consumer incentive is triggered. The most common reward is a voucher giving 10 percent off the next purchase from any retailer that offers the RePack option.

Swedish fashion brand Filippa K has roughly 10 percent of its customers choosing RePack, paying 4 € for RePack option with a promise of 10 percent voucher off next purchase. Scandinavian Outdoor have set a purchase amount at 99€ and above which the goods are automatically shipped in a RePack. This pushes the order value, and Scandinavian Outdoor’s RePack users have almost 30 percent higher average order value. The online shopping world has a chance to eliminate much of its waste, and tighten the loop on the circular economy. RePack is one of the few sustainable solutions available. It’s good for the environment and for business.

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Country: FI

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