Podcast: Sustain Daily

Sustain Daily is a green lifestyle media platform founded by Ditte Rosenquist, Emma Slebsager and Johanne Stenstrup in the autumn of 2015.

The platform publishes web articles, physical magazines, podcasts, newsletters and is present in social media. Its primary focus is sustainability. Sustain Daily is a broad concept that includes social, environmental, economic and aesthetic aspects.

Its communication is based on the philosophy that sustainable lifestyle can be understood and practised in many different ways, which is why the platform advocates individuals drawing on the green habits that work for them. Sustain Daily takes pride in its credibility and integrity both internally and externally. The platform will therefore be honest, both in its communication via various channels and when working together with external partners. Sustain Daily also aims to provide encouragement to everyone headed in the right direction toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Its primary target group is women between 20 and 30 years of age who are either studying or have already completed their studies. The secondary target group, however, is broader. As the communication is aimed at young women, slightly older women also find the media appealing, because to some extent they associate themselves with young women living in the city.

The future objective of Sustain Daily is to be the largest community for people who want to practice green habits and sustainable lifestyle.

Country: DK

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