It all started on a cold Norwegian winter day. A postal truck accident, scattered packages, an empty car seat and the realisation that collectively we can deliver those packages. Hey, we are going that way anyway.  

We launched Nimber (originally Easybring) to create the most sustainable cost-effective & convenient delivery service: a matching platform for deliveries. Today, 6 years and many sleepless nights later, Nimberis a proud community of over 125,000 individual businesses and retailers, utilising spare capacity for delivery. Every day millions of people go from one place to another. If people can monetise their assets (airbnb) they can monetise their movement. A P2P service initially, we solved the challenges of sending bulky & hard-to-send items over long distances, thus supporting the circular economy and removing the need for yet another car on the road.  With a service that covered every part of Norway we decided to solve the “the last mile”, one of the most challenging, costly and polluting aspects of delivery.  


The EU estimates that by 2020 over 20% of purchases will be online, most delivered directly to the home with a consequent material impact on the environment – congestion – and on our communities. Our unique service provides companies with a sustainable delivery infrastructure (including recycling), all by utilising what we have already; a service that is more convenient, scalable, a whole lot greener and more loved by its community.  

Hey, we are going your way anyway!

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