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Maria 01 is a community campus for tech entrepreneurs, a selective startup  incubator and a technology builders club located in the old Maria Hospital in central Helsinki. Our mission as a not-for-profit organization is to provide the home base and network for our startups to enable them to compete internationally. We aim to bring together and support the startup community locally, and internationally to establish the Nordic countries as one of Europe’s leading innovation hubs. The present community space derives from the need of a physical space in Helsinki to encapsulate the startup ecosystem and showcase the leading startups, VCs, investors and startup organizations. When the hospital closed down in 2014, Helsinki was left with a spacious empty campus. The doors to the startup campus opened in September 2016. As of today, Maria 01 has been operating as a community, with an average of 200 yearly startup events taking place and over 105 startups in-house. The name “Maria 01” reflects the startups’ mindset of going from zero to one – to innovate and create new things instead of replicating the old.  

The campus now covers more than 12,100 square metres and is set to expand to 20,000. Games Factory, a community and showroom for the games industry, was opened inside the campus in June 2018. The remaining hospital area will be expanded starting in 2020 by 50,000 square metres to allow Maria 01 to hold more than 600 startup companies. 

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