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LOOP’s vision is to encourage sustainable habits. LOOP creates campaigns to help people understand the importance of small actions. We share our messages through LOOP Miljøskole (Environmental School), which offers teaching materials for schools and kindergartens, and sortere.no, which shows people how to recycle or dispose of products responsibly.

Today’s levels of consumption can´t be sustained. Fortunately more and more people look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. At LOOP, we show people that what they do matters, motivating them to reflect on the sustainability of their actions.

For example, the award-winning series of images, “The Norwegian garbage bag”, shows just how much trash each Norwegian disposes of incorrectly every year. Two thirds of what we throw away could have been recycled, reused or used up.

Another campaign deals with marine waste. It´s an important issue for many, but it can be hard for people to know how they can help. We developed the Instagram campaign #5forhvalen (“5 for the whale”). The campaign simply encourages people to pick up five pieces of trash from the ground each day – so that in never ends up in the ocean. If every fifth Norwegian picked up five pieces of trash, we would remove 35 tons of trash* from nature. Every day. Small actions really matter.

LOOP was founded in 2000 as an initiative of the companies that are responsible for collecting and recycling packaging in Norway. We cooperate closely with local government.

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