Köpstoppsbloggen – Not Buying It – started in December 2006 as part of my, Ann-Christin KarlénGrammings, shopping ban project that took place in 2007. The shopping ban was inspired by Judith Levine, and American woman who completed a similar year-long project.  

My driving force was originally less related to the environment, focusing instead on how reduced consumption affected me as a person. What happens when you cannot express your identity through consuption? Throughout the year, however, the connection with environmental sustainability and how our unsustainable consumption affects the climate became apparent. Drastically reducing your consumption over a limited period of time through different kinds of shopping bans is a temporary solution, but in the long term, it can change people’s awareness and encourage a shift to more sustainable consumption and production patterns. 

The transition that was temporary at first has influenced much of how I live today in terms of a changed mind set and habits. 

In the past twelve years since I started the blog, it has served as a way of sharing knowledge and communicating on topics such as food, environment, sustainable travel and transport as well as finance. There was never a clear goal or vision associated with the blog, but it did result in a book published in 2008, “Don’t Buy This Book”, and public speaking. The blog is a passion project that does not generate any income but I have planned to continue blogging as long as I enjoy writing and interacting with my followers. 

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