One third of all food produced globally is thrown away each year. This is an enormous waste of resources.

With the help of the Karma application, restaurants, cafés and grocery stores can sell surplus food. Consumers have the opportunity to buy food directly in the application at a lower price. With its user-friendly platform, Karma makes it easy, fun and rewarding to save food, with the ultimate goal of fighting global food wastage.

Since its launch in November 2016, Karma has grown quickly. Today, the application has over 370,000 users and works with more than 1,500 associated restaurants, cafés and grocery stores in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Both surplus food and consumer demand existed long before Karma, but there has been no simple solution for bringing them together. Thanks to digitalization, Karma has changed this to allow great food to be saved and find its way to end consumers.

Karma’s goal is to reduce the amount of food waste, a major part of this being to raise awareness about how big of a societal issue food waste is. In today’s society, the way to reach consumers and to change their behaviour is to go through their phones. This is the ultimate channel for obtaining information about the world around you, so it makes perfect sense to use it to highlight the issue of food waste as well!

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