IKEA recycling programs

IKEA have understood their responsibility when it comes to sustainable consumption and production. They are elaborating with the concept of a circular store by offering customers the opportunity to hand in any of their used plastic furnitures at IKEA for recycling. They are also displaying ads with their used furniture from the second hand website Blocket on their site. In Norway, IKEA recycle textiles such as carpets, cushions and pillow cases, resulting in 25 tons of textiles being recycled in 2015. On top of that IKEA is launching a series of “no waste” products within their yearly  2017 PS series by working with their recycling processes for IKEA’s own packaging and manufacturing waste. We can’t cover all their initiatives here but they are doing lots of other cool projects that you should check out.

“Can products have more than one life?” “Can you help extend the life for the products you do have?” “The world has hit peak stuff” – Steve Howard, chief sustainability officer IKEA

Country: SE, NO

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