The project HerääPahvi! (Wake Up Cardboard!)  looks at how waste from the forest and food industry can be used, for example in the manufacture of food packaging. Combining creative industry with bioeconomy and circular economy makes it possible to find growth opportunities in industries like forestry, agriculture and horticulture. Today, the waste is used for energy or compost. One short-term effect of the project is a growing understanding of new uses for waste, and in the longer term, it creates an industrial ecosystem where waste becomes valuable end products. 

HerääPahvi! is a collaborative project of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Design Forum Finland, which combined the competence of creative fields with bio and circular economy. The European Social Fund has granted funds for the project, ongoing from 1 August 2018 to 30 October 2020.

Country: FI

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