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Nyhtökaura® – Pulled Oats – is a Finnish innovation developed from oats and legumes to create a perfect protein. It is important to us to be able to provide people with healthy, ecological food without compromising taste and satisfaction. Nyhtökaura® contains a perfect mix of nutrition and amino acids, and is also clean and sustainable. It contains no animal based or genetically modified raw materials, no additives, fillers, or preservatives – and no suspect ingredients used by some other food producers.

Our diet has an effect on our living environment as well. Traditional production of edible proteins – animal breeding – requires enormous amounts of farmland and water, and logistics that consume natural resources. Oats are one of the most eco-friendly crops with excellent growth per hectare. It can be used to improve crop rotation and to reduce harmful mono cultivation, i.e. cultivation of a single crop which impoverishes the soil. Since all the oats we use are produced in the Nordic countries where cultivation is ecologically sustainable, their transportation does not tax natural resources unduly.

The Finns have already completed an important sustainability campaign by consuming Nyhtökaura®. Every Nyhtökaura® meal eaten saves 200 litres of water in comparison with chicken or beef; this is the equivalent of seven bath tubs.

So far we have saved over 10 million litres of water. This represents 50 million car washes (150 litres per wash), or 142 million runs of the washing machine.

”Nothing changes, except the world”.

Country: FI

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