Welcome to Experio Lab Sweden, where Healthcare and Design Meet. This is a collaboration between the County Council in Värmland, Region Västernorrland, the County Council in Sörmland, Stockholm County Council, Västra Götaland Region, the County Council in Kalmar and Region Norrbotten. Experio Lab implements the project and builds the innovative capacity with a focus on the patient’s best route throutethrough healthcare service.
We equip personnel with design tools in order to continually involvethe patients in development and innovation. We experiment and come up with new ways to provide services by combining the patient’s experience with that of the personnel. In the more than five years that Experio Lab has been in existence, more than 50 projects have been implemented. Concrete results include a reduced spread of disease, fewer errors in sampling in the pre-analytical phase and better accessibility to care for young people who suffer from mental health issues. 

Service design has become more and more important in renewing the community’s welfare service. We participate actively in international networks and cooperate with researchers within service design.

Our Philosophy – The Experio Way Curiosity and Empathy for the Everyday Life of People. All change begins with curiosity. With curiosity and drive, we try to understand what others need. Courage to Dream of a Better Future. How do you describe what does not already exist? We dare to dream and to challenge.

Co-create. Several brains think better than one. Together we create, test and sample the solutions, and together we make them work. 

 Country: SE 

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