Embla – Nordic food award

Food with flavour and aroma from the different seasons is popular and trendy. Distinctive flavours along with raw materials produced in the unique Nordic light, preferably locally and without hassle – this is the signum of its Nordic origin.

The geographical conditions of the Nordic region contribute to raw materials of high gastronomic quality. The use of local produce from the changing seasons, characteristic of Nordic cuisine, attracts interest worldwide. Our chefs open restaurants in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and Singapore, thus ensuring that Nordic food culture is kept alive.

We should be immensely proud of everyone who helps to develop our food culture, not least the farmers who produce the raw materials. For this reason, the Nordic Farmers Council (NBC) has launched the Nordic Food Awards Embla whose aim is to celebrate those who spread knowledge about the joy of food. Embla fosters a sense of community and contact with its Nordic origins and brings food inspiration to many. The goal is to strengthen the common Nordic food culture and to increase the interest in Nordic food outside the Nordic region.

Embla is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The jury consists of representatives from all the Nordic countries – chefs, food journalists and producers. The seven competition categories are Food Artisan, Food Producer, Food for the Many, Foodscape, Food Entrepreneur, Food for Children and Food for Young People.

Embla prizes are awarded every two years. The Award Première in 2017 was held in Copenhagen, and hosted by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. The next competition will take place in Iceland on 1 June 2019.

Country: ISL/NO/SE/DK/FI

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