ECOproduct is a method and database that considers the climate and environmental impact of building materials within four environmental areas: indoor climate, hazardous substances, use of resources and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Data is obtained from an environmental product declaration (EPD) together with additional information normally required for a complete assessment. It is then possible to compare building materials within one and the same area of application/function, thus choosing the most environmentally friendly ones available. 

The assessment offers a visual representation of how the building material is assessed within the different environmental areas and the user receives information via symbols in colours green, white and red, in addition to a character.  

The Norwegian Green Building Council is in charge of the content, SINTEF Byggforsk is professionally responsible for the method and Norsk Byggtjeneste AS manages the database. Today there are environmental assessments from almost 200 building material manufacturers from across Europe. 

Most manufacturers want common environmental requirements for the Nordic countries because it is both wasteful of resources and time consuming to have to comply with different environmental requirements. Building material manufacturers thereby achieve a more efficient everyday life, while complying with requirements in all the Nordic countries. ECOproduct recognises a variety of testing methods and certificates, so that manufacturers can reuse already existing results and thus test the method. 


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