BRIGHT is a Norwegian solar product company catering to anyone who needs to be less dependent on the electrical grid, whether by choice or by living in off-grid or bad-grid communities.

Our expanding range of multifunctional solar lamps and home systems with charging capabilities are built to endure harsh conditions. Our products are durable, functional and beautiful – firmly rooted in Norwegian design. Advanced solar technology and rigorous field testing of electronic components and materials create the foundation of lasting, multifunctional, rugged and portable solar products with high product endurance, low total cost of ownership and minimum waste.

Four years after launch more than two million BRIGHT lamps are solving everyday problems for more than eight million people, according to GOGLAs metrix. In homes and communities, in cities and camps, in the depths of the countryside. Children use BRIGHT solar lamps to do homework at night. People illuminate their paths for safety. Families power their homes. Travelers light up the dark. Entrepreneurs run their businesses and charge their phones.

Sustainability is key in BRIGHT’s value chain. We believe that by spreading knowledge about the benefits of clean solar energy and by innovating products, distribution and financing of efficient small-scale solar products, we can solve the lighting and charging needs of millions of individuals, families, entrepreneurs and businesses.

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