Beyond Coffee

Beyond Coffee is a company with an urban mushroom farm in Copenhagen. The mushrooms are grown on organic coffee grounds and then sold to consumers and restaurants in Copenhagen. Coffee beans are transported around the globe, but when the coffee is brewed, only 0,2 percent of the coffee bean ends in the cup. The 99,8 percent waste contains just the right nutrients to produce delicious oyster mushrooms. In addition to being rich in nutrients, coffee grounds are also a good mushroom medium because it has been pasteurized in the brewing process. Most conventional mushroom farmers use a lot of energy to pasteurize their substrates. Beyond Coffee utilizes the fact that this energy has already been used – when brewing the coffee!

The cultivation of mushrooms takes place in upcycled shipping containers. In 2018 Beyond Coffee operated six 40 foot containers in Copenhagen. The six containers transformes around 4000 kilos of organic coffee grounds into 600 kilos of oyster mushrooms each month. After having harvested two or three times from the substrate, the leftovers are still rich in nutrients, and are used by local farmers to enrich their agricultural soils. The company is thereby re-circulating biomass, that might have ended up in an incinerator.

Beyond Coffee also run a small shop in Copenhagen, in the hip street Jægersborggade. Here people can learn about circular economy and purchase a grow-kit, made from recycled materials, to grow oyster mushrooms on their own coffee grounds at home.

Country: DK

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