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NOD is a national body that has been formed to facilitate collaboration and dialogue...
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We often talk about reducing and minimising our footprint on the planet. We must remember to turn off the lights and take shorter baths. Attention is paid to limiting, minimising and reducing our footprint.CradlePeople would rather talk about how we can contribute to our surroundings and to a positivefootprint on the environment. In this way we differ from other environmental organisations.    CradlePeople was created in 2009. It is...
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SMICE is a regional cooperation between Norway and Sweden within the EU InterReg program. The purpose is to contribute to a transition to the most sustainable society in Jämtland, Härjedalen and...
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Ocean Forest 

The world faces tough environmental challenges. To achieve what is required, we need more biomass as raw materials for food and renewable energy. The capacity on land is limited and the attention is now turning towards the sea. Ocean Forest is a...
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Welcome to Experio Lab Sweden, where Healthcare and Design Meet. This is a collaboration between the County Council in Värmland, Region Västernorrland, the County Council...
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MAX IV-Labratoriet

The Max IV laboratory in Lund, which opened in 2016, is the world’s most powerful synchrotron radiation facility. The laboratory is open to researchers from all around the world. The complex...

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