Manifesto 12


01 – Strengthen Nordic values such as democracy, transparency, participation, diversity and equality.

By highlighting Nordic values specific to the region, we create attention and reflection regionally and internationally.

02 – Contribute to debate, discussion and the sharing of knowledge within the subject areas.

We promote debate and dialogue within the field in order to impart new knowledge.

03 – Foster collaboration between different stakeholders to contribute to innovative and sustainable interdisciplinary solutions.

By supporting new collaborations and creating natural platforms where actors and experts can meet, we contribute to new innovations and sustainable solutions.

04 – Share and export the Nordic methods and processes for sustainable production and consumption internationally.

By highlighting good examples where Nordic methods, models, tools and processes have been used, we inspire others to develop new knowledge and new processes.

05 – Promote a circular economy by improving the overall performance of products throughout their life cycle.

We encourage a circular approach to minimise waste and to make optimal use of resources in production, in contrast to the “take, make & dispose” model of the traditional linear economy.

06 – Create incentives for reduced waste and wastage in the production chain.

We support clear incentives and regulations to minimise waste and recycle waste products, thereby demonstrating that there are alternatives in terms of future product and service development.

07 – Boost the sharing economy for more efficient use of products, services and places.

We encourage the collective use of products and services in order to limit consumption and contribute to innovative alternatives in terms of acquiring, providing, sharing and exchanging goods and services.

08 – Encourage new technology, digitalisation, robots and AI as tools for more sustainable solutions.

We promote new technology, digitalisation, robots and AI as a way to streamline production and improve environmental management. Technology is having an increasing impact in our everyday lives, which entails new ethical dilemmas.

09 – Encourage and support government agencies and private organisations to consider sustainability in procurement.

We encourage the public and private sectors to consider the full life cycle of products and to integrate requirements, specifications and criteria for sustainability in their procurements.

10 – Influence consumers to adopt sustainable attitudes and behaviours.

We aspire to influence both collective and individual behavioral patterns and decision-making processes through positive reinforcement, nudging and best-practice examples of sustainable attitudes.

11 – Inspire decision-makers and producers to provide transparent ethical and environmental information on products and services.

We foster increased knowledge and insight regarding transparency requirements for the origin and contents of goods and services, which encourages future consumers to set high standards for their consumption.

12 – Invest in future generations by promoting sustainable development as a subject in school.

We believe that giving children and young people increased knowledge and insight regarding sustainability increases the chances of changing behaviours and values in future generations.

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